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Ulnar Neuropathy – If you have experienced numbness or tingling and pain in your hands or wrists then you could be suffering from Handlebar Palsy or Carpal tunnel syndrome. One third of all cycling injuries involve the hands. This is caused by constant pressure (compression) on the ulnar nerve and the Median nerve. This can be completely eliminated by releaving the pressure periodically by siding upright the relieve the compression. The first step is to do a proper bike fitting for numb hands. Second is to install handlebars for upright riding . Back-Up Barz will provide you the upright position needed to provide relief of the numbness. The closed cell foam hand grips add an additional cushioning for relief.

Am J Sports Med. 2003 Jul-Aug;31(4):585-9.
Ulnar and median nerve palsy in long-distance cyclists. A prospective study.
Patterson JM1, Jaggars MM, Boyer MI.

Conclusions: Cyclist's palsy occurs at high rates in both experienced and inexperienced cylists. Steps may be taken to decrease the incidence of cyclist's palsy; these include wearing cycling gloves, ensuring proper bicycle fit, and frequently changing hand position.




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