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Being an avid cyclist, I enjoyed doing as many long distant rides as I could on my road bike during the riding season. I noticed that the longer the number of hours I was on the bike the sorer my back would become. I found relief when I sat up straight, which was difficult without letting go of the handle bars.

I searched for a handle bar attachment that would allow me to shift positions from a low racing position to an upright position when needed. None existed. So I experimented with a number of prototypes and developed a set of handlebars that not only helped relieve my back, but also I found that the position helped me on hill climbs and when I needed to torque the bike for fast acceleration using the hamstring muscles.

After further refinement and extensive safety testing by an independent laboratory, Back-Up Barz was born. Back-Up Barz meets Federal CPSC safety compliance. The design allows the rider to easily move from the lower racing position to a fully upright position. The design does not get in the way when moving up or down and allows the rider to have full control of turning and stability. I am confident that you will find Back-Up Barz a welcome addition to your bike. In fact, I guarantee you will !

Richard Plainfield
Creator/Founder of Back-Up Barz


Richard Plainfield



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