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Cervicalgia – Cycling can be a pain in the neck. When riding in a low handlebar position it is nessesary to bend the neck in order to see the road. This can not only affect the neck, but also the shoulders and arms. A proper bike fitting for neck pain can help some, but if you can't get into a position to straighten the neck the problem will not go away. By adding the Back-Up Barz handlebar attachment you will be able to change positions during your ride to relieve the stress to the neck shoulders and arms.

As you can see in the picture there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the neck while in a low riding position. Your head weighs 8 to 10 pounds. After some time your muscles will start to fatigue from constantly holding up the head in order to see the road. By adding handlebars for sore neck you can then change positions and give those neck muscles a rest. You will be surprised to see that a periodic upright position will not only improve your comfort but also improve your performance. That is why indurance world record holder Paul Solon uses Back-Up Barz for his ultra endurance races.



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