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13% to 24% chance of erectile dysfunction. Groin pain from cycling, this is the number 1 reason to use Back-Up Barz. Yes, we all love riding but for most of us there is something we like even better. In a research report, numbness of the Genitalia was reported in 50% -91% of all cyclists, and electile dysfunction was reported in 13% -24% of all cyclists. This is a serious injury that can be easily avoided. Sitting on the bicycle seat can compress vital nerves and blood vessels to the Perineum. The perineum is the area between the anus and the penis in men and the anus and the vagina in women. Compression of the perineum can cause nerve damage and temporary or even permanent groin numbness and decreased sexual abilities.

We see our heros on the racing circuit wining races, but we don't hear of the affect it has on their personal lives. I don't think it would be something that they would want to talk about. Back-Up Barz can help with this condition by allowing the rider to shift positions to take the pressure off the perineum. Back-Up Barz are your handlebars for groin pain. Also proper seat style and positioning will further help reduce the pressure. This is not something to be ignored.



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