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Dorsalgia, commonly known as back pain, is caused from excessive or prolonged spinal flexing. This occurs during long rides when the spinal muscles are overextended for long periods of time. The muscles become sore due to the strain. This soreness can last from just a couple days to several weeks. Back-Up Barz improves posture and lessens the strain applied to the spine while riding, so you can go the distance without the pain.

Scientists investigated 116 professional road cyclists and found that 58% of the cyclists had suffered some kind of lower back pain in the past year. These are athletes with the best of physical training and the most accurate bike fit for sore back. By installing the Back-Up Barz handlebar attachment to your bike you can greatly reduce lower back pain while cycling. These are truly handlebars to relieve back pain.

So what causes the back pain? Research has shown that impaird spinal movement from prolonged periods of static flexion (when you are low on your handlebars) the muscles become less effective at supporting back stability and posture. This not only affects the back but also lowers performance. By adding upright riding handlebars, you minimize the static position by having the option of additional riding positions.

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II Clinica Ortopedica, Università degli Studi, Firenze.

A different and more in-depth approach is needed when treating an athlete suffering from low back pain than is the case when the same pathology affects a sedentary subject. In fact, pain symptoms may frequently arise only when there is functional overloading, while pain is absent or not disabling in normal daily activity. Treatment is also different for the athlete: complete functional recovery must take place in as short a period of time as possible, and it will often have to be finalized in relation to sports-related commitments. A group of 60 professional athletes were evaluated in order to examine the incidence and the features of lumbar pain. Attention was particularly paid to a functional evaluation of the spine by means of an accurate clinical examination and the use of the Metrecom system.The data obtained confirm the importance of changes in posture and in vertebral dynamics when the pain symptom occurs. 
PMID: 8076477 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]



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